Join our dedicated community of volunteers, staff, and supporters working together to improve the lives of families in need

The Davies Project On-Call Volunteer Program offers you the opportunity to become a vital part of an organization dedicated to supporting families facing pediatric illness, on a custom schedule built to fit your needs.

A Powerful Impact

This flexible program allows you to sign up for open timeslots based on your availability, to accommodate all schedule needs. 

Flexible Commitment

Sign up for a 3, 6, or 9 month commitment, with the option to renew your volunteer status as an on-call volunteer or volunteer driver!

Training and Ongoing Support

All of our volunteers undergo our standard orientation, including background checks, reference checks, and training on our mission and values. 

Your involvement can make a lasting difference in the lives of children and their families, providing access to essential medical care.

Build valuable skills, relationships, and experiences that extend far beyond the time you invest, and gain the satisfaction of knowing that your time and dedication help ease the burden of families during challenging times.

How It Works

Each month, a calendar will be made available online for you to select your shift(s) for the month, on the days and times that suit your schedule best. Two 8-hour shifts or four 4-hour shifts will satisfy your commitment requirement, although you are welcome to sign up for more!

What does a shift entail?

At the start of each shift, you’ll call The Davies Project headquarters to check-in and and let our team know where you’re located. Depending on the needs of the day, you may be asked to wait at home for ride requests, or come into the office to assist with volunteer projects. All on-call hours will count towards your monthly total, whether you are home on standby, helping in the office, or driving. 

Who can volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 19! You must also have your own vehicle with up-to-date insurance. Whether you’re a student looking to fulfill volunteer requirements, a working professional eager to give back, a retiree looking to fill your time, or anyone with a passion for helping others, your contribution is valued. 

Our flexible scheduling process allows you to volunteer only during the times that work best for you and your unique schedule.

Do you offer hours tracking for students?

We do! For our student volunteers, we offer letters of recommendation, volunteer certificates, and hours tracking/signature for classes requiring community service hours (upon successful commitment completion).

Can local businesses or organizations offer this opportunity to their employees?

Absolutely. For our corporate volunteers, this program is an excellent opportunity for your business or organization to satisfy your corporate social responsibility requirements, and support a local nonprofit organization.

I'm ready to sign up! What do I do?

Fill out the form on the website and be sure to check the box “On-Call Volunteer Driver” box under “Positions”.

If you have any questions, contact Mary Jo Weigel, Volunteer Recruiter and Coordinator at