Corporate Philanthropy

Partner with The Davies Project

Partnering with The Davies Project means having your company associated with an innovative organization. The Davies Project is the first agency in the nation to address the issue of access to health care with the volunteer driver model. This unique approach provides rides to critical health care appointments but also hope to families who are often isolated as they try to manage their child’s health care crisis.

Parents of children with special health needs have higher rates of anxiety, stress, and depression. Volunteers drivers provide a listening ear as they also alleviate a major source of stress – how to get a child to a medical appointment. Families who do not have to choose between taking their one vehicle to work or a child to their medical appointment will not have to worry as much about retaining their jobs. The less parents have to stress about, the more likely they are to be productive employees.

Sick children miss school and instruction. Lower levels of education are more correlated with future earnings. Sick children with little education and training are more likely to become adults who are unable to find work on which they can support themselves and a family. This affects the community as a whole. 

Thanks to support from donors and corporate sponsors, hundreds of children in our area are healthier. 

Regardless of the size of your organization, your partnership will drive change for children’s health and hope for families.

Sponsor an event to get your brand noticed by an audience that matches your interest.

Cause-related marketing can include donating a portion of sales or offering ways for customers to give.

Host a fundraising event at your organization and turn a routine work day into a team effort to support children and families. Ideas include: 

  • Casual dress day
  • Fitness events
  • Special food events such as bake sales, ice cream party, or taco bar
  • Sports watch parties – especially during March Madness
  • Office games
  • Video game tournaments

Contact Robin at or 517-214-3327 to discuss how your organization can be a driving force for children and families.