b'Meet The 2021 StaffPAMELA RILEY MIKLAVCIC, MARY JOY WHITTEN (1/21-5/21), Founder & Executive MEIERFRANKENFELD, Marketing &Director Administrative Assistant CommunicationRICH HOWARD,IRELAND INGRAM,RUTH OSORO (1/21-5/21), VP, Fund MSU Intern & Communication AssistantDevelopment CommunicationMARY JO WEIGEL,Assistant CATHY PRIVETTEFamily Services (1/21-5/21),Coordinator MICHAEL GARDYKO, JR.,Office ManagerMSU Social Work InternTEYEI PAM, Volunteer CoordinatorMessage from our Board PresidentThis unwavering support wasdemonstrated again at our annualbreakfast event in September. Wewere excited and nervous to beholding an in-person event. All of the pandemic protocols wereaddressed and we were ready togo. Then the weather turned againstus. The temperature dropped intothe 40s and the rain began. Ithought that was it, our annualbreakfast was going to be a bust.The Davies Project is the only But I was wrong. People woke up,service organization that I have put on nice clothing and made theirever made a part of my life. I way in the wet and cold to sharemake donations to various their support and be a part of thisorganizations, and I hope that my important work.support helps make a difference.But when I learned about the work Day after day, year after yearof this organization, something volunteer drivers make sure thatchanged for me. Something caused necessary medical appointmentsme to want to do more, to become are not missed. This level ofinvolved in an effort that has such dedication is what our families relya direct and positive impact on on. Every ride matters. Thank you forthe lives of our Lansing area your dedication to helping ensureneighbors. That was eight years that children get to their medicalago. care. I am continually amazed at how Sincerely,dedicated the people connectedto this organization are.Mary Schulz'