b'THE STORIES BEHIND THE NUMBERSJanae was diagnosed with SLE lupusin January 2021. At the time of herdiagnosis, her family was havingdifficulty finding transportation toher multiple appointments, includingthose at Mott\'s Children\'s Hospital in Ann Arbor. The Davies Project ensured she never missed a single appointment! "I felt so safe and so comfortablewith The Davies Project. I wouldrecommend The Davies Project to anyfamily out there with transportationissues. I plan on keeping The DaviesProject a part of my family." -Janae\'s MomShyanna was a prenatal mom whofound herself without reliabletransportation to the many prenatalappointments that ensure the healthand safety of her and her baby. TheDavies Project was here to make sureshe received this vital healthcare."The Davies Project is such a niceorganization for families orindividuals like myself withouttransportation. They welcomed mewith open arms and got me to whereI needed to go! Thank you!"-Shyanna (TDP Prenatal Mom)'