b'THE STORIES BEHIND THE NUMBERS"Davies Project has been veryimportant to me because it\'s a greatthing that they are doing for thechildren and mothers in need. Youare always guaranteed a ride amajority of the time.I can\'t recallwhen there was a time where I didn\'treceive a ride so that my son can getto his therapy and I have been withDavies for a few years. I appreciatewhat they do and how they make aneffort and take time out of their dayto volunteer for a great cause. It\'s ablessing to be a part of The DaviesProject and all the volunteers arewonderful, caring, and respectful.There truly is no other like them!" -Parent of TDP child (name not included for confidentiality reasons) The Davies Projecthas been a big helpto my family and provides greattransportation. I would give them ascore of 1000 if Icould.-Parent of TDP child (name not included forconfidentiality reasons)'