b'MISSION STATEMENT:To connect families to resources and community by providingreliable transportation for seriously ill children and pregnantwomen to essential healthcare .Seventy percent of the children who use the Lansing area subspecialty clinics areon Medicaid and are missing up to 60% of their doctor appointments, oftenbecause they do not have a reasonable way of getting there. Since eachappointment is essential for monitoring a childs condition and keeping him or heras healthy as possible (and out of the hospital), The Davies Projects first goal is tohelp families by giving them volunteer-provided rides to primarily Lansing areamedical appointments.The Davies Project provides rides to all of a childs medical appointments. Thisincludes all specialty appointments, physical therapy, occupational therapy, mentalhealth care, dental and eye visits, and primary care. We also provide rides toprenatal visits for pregnant women, and to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)for parents of hospitalized infants.Every activity supports the healthiest outcomes possible for our communityschildren.The Davies Project for Mid-Michigan Children230 Bingham Street, Suite 100Lansing, MI 48912Tel: 517-515-5122www.thedaviesproject.org'