b'Message from our Founder & Executive DirectorD profound realization that I now, truly,ear Friends, had to put my money where my mouthWhat I am most proud of about 2021 is was. At that time, I couldnt havethat The Davies Project persisted and imagined that, less than ten years later,thrived. Despite the never-ending threat we would have served hundreds ofof the pandemic, we continued to serve clients with thousands of rides tohundreds of families throughout the critical medical care. Its amazing whatLansing area and did so safely. We a little faith can accomplish!continued to recruit volunteer drivers,we continued assisting current and new Just a few days ago, it dawned on mefamilies in crisis, and we continued to that some of the first infants we drovemaintain transparency with our to medical care are now approachingsupporters. We even weathered some their 8th and 9th birthdayshalfway tosignificant staff changes while adulthood. We have been there everyexceeding our fundraising goal. All step of the way. Its an exciting thought!things considered, it was a very A recent pause in services (due to thesuccessful year. I vividly recall our very Omicron variant that infected severalfirst donation, in 2013. While ecstatic families and drivers) remindedthat somebody thought my idea for The families,volunteer drivers, and staff howDavies Project a good one, this persons meaningful and fulfilling our work reallydonation was accompanied by theis.Families wrote to say they missed us, volunteers were antsy to know how their families were getting along, and I think its fair to say that everybody felt a little bit lost. Now that we have resumed delivering rides, all feels right with the world.Thank you so much for your interest in, and support of, The Davies Project. Without you, we never could have touched so many lives in such a short amount of time. You are the cornerstone that allows our work to continue and grow. Please know how important that is to all of us.With Gratitude,Pamela Riley Miklavcic, Ph.D. Founder & Executive Director'