November 10, 2022

Adopt a Family

This holiday season, consider “Adopting” a TDP family.

Step One: Start Getting Excited to Spread Holiday Cheer!
You can go to to sign up to Adopt A Family.

Step Two: What to Expect After Online Adoption Process is Complete
After you submit your survey responses, you will receive an email from us within the next week, giving you information about your family. You will receive wishlists for each family member. You will also learn if the family would like to stay anonymous or would like to have you deliver their gifts to their home.

Step Three: Go Shopping for Wish List Items!
Use the wish lists that you were emailed and have fun! Please purchase a $20-30 gift per child, as well as winter accessories (a warm hat, mittens, scarf–whatever you choose to purchase is up to you!). We request you stay within this limit, so gifts are equitable between families. We also ask that you purchase a family gift. A family gift can be anything that encourages the family to spend time together. While gifts around the holidays mean a great deal, allowing space for togetherness and the creation of new memories is essential to strengthening family bonds. We have included ideas for family gifts in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Step Four: Deliver Gifts the Week of December 12
You can either personally deliver the items to the family or deliver the gifts to The Davies Project and we will deliver them to the family.

Interested? Sign Up Here!

Adopt a Family FAQ

Help us spread the word! Here’s the flyer.

Adopt a Family Overview